Friday, Oct. 21st, 2011 (immediately following the short film El hombre muerto at 7pm)  


DIRECTORS Alejandro Pi, Pablo Fernández & Eduardo Piñero · PRODUCTION Sueko Films

PHOTOGRAPHY Martín Espina · EDITING Sebastián Cerveñansky ·  SOUND André Sittoni · MUSIC Rodrigo Gómez & Sergio Rojas

Uruguay 2010 / 90 min. / Spanish with English subtitles

Film website


Reus is the story of a neighborhood, two families, and the codes they’ve followed for years. Reus is a mythical immigrant neighborhood built in the late 19th century in Montevideo. It is the site of Uruguay’s first synagogue, and a district where big stores and poor slums exist side by side. 
The power struggle between Tano’s family and the Jewish storeowners is about to explode. A new drug, pasta base, has arrived on the old streets. The conventions that have ruled for generations are fading and the end of an era is near. With a realistic eye, Reus reveals the tensions and conflicts that are quickly changing the neighborhood.


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