Monday, Oct. 24th, 2011, 7pm 

US PREMIERE ¤ Presentation and discussion with producer Andrés Varelaafter the film.

DIRECTOR Sebastián Bednarik · PRODUCTION Andrés Varela /Coral Films

PHOTOGRAPHY Pedro Luque · EDITING Guzmán García · SOUND Daniel Márquez & Fabián Oliver · MUSIC Ojos del cielo

Uruguay – Brazil 2010 / 89 min. / HD / Spanish with English subtitles

Film website / Trailer    


By the end of 1980 the Uruguayan military dictatorship organized a constitutional plebiscite to remain in power and  to become legally respected. Their objective was not achieved. At the same time, the Uruguayan Football Association—with the backing, or approval of the government and F.I.F.A—organized a one-time mini world championship. The Uruguayan National team won the championship.

Coincidence or causality?

Through interviews and revealing archives, Mundialito invites us to reflect on these events after thirty years.


*Andrés Varela (Montevideo, 1975) has been dedicated to theatre as a producer, actor and director, with the Comedia Nacional and other theatre groups, since 1992. He received a degree from the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático de Montevideo in 1999. Varela continued his studies in Paris, where he received a degree in Theatre Arts from the Nanterre University-Paris X in 2001, and a Master’s degree from the Censier University-Paris III-Sorbonne. While in Paris he attended the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq, joined the Philippe Genty Theatre Company and worked with the creative crew of the Laurent Berger Theatre Company. Upon his return to Uruguay in 2003, Varela directed the play Inventarios (by Philippe Minyana, Elena Zuasti and Susana Castro) and his play El ropero. That same year he won the National Literature Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) for his comedy El deposito (The Deposit). In 2006 Varela directed the play La ascensorista de la torre Eiffel, performed in the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires. In 2004 and 2005, Varela was the stage director for the candombe group Cuareim 1080, winning First Prize in their division and Special Mention for best stage production both years. Varela joined up with Director Sebastián Bednarik in 2006, and together they founded Coral Films Production Company. Varela was the Associate Producer of their first documentary, La Matinée (2007) and Executive Producer of their second documentary Cachila (2008). In 2008 Varela and Bednarik co-found Efecto Cine—a Coral Films initiative—which presents films in a travelling film exhibition throughout Uruguay. Mundialito is the third Coral Films production.

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