LA TABARÉ. Rocanrol y después / LA TABARÉ. Rock & Roll and Beyond


Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2011, 6:30pm 


DIRECTORS Mariana Viñoles & Stefano Tononi · PRODUCTION Cronopio Film

PHOTOGRAPHY Mariana Viñoles · EDITING   Manoela Ziggiatti · SOUND Stefano Tononi · POST PRODUCTION SOUND Daniel Yafalián

Uruguay 2008 / Documentary / 72 min. / Spanish with English subtitles


This musical documentary narrates part of Uruguay’s post-dictatorship cultural history through the mythical figure of Tabaré Rivero, the lead singer of La Tabaré Riverock Band.

By way of personal anecdotes told by those who were protagonists in this history, Tabaré Rivero’s personal film archive, and most of all, the music, the film tells the story of an era and develops an intimate and entertaining reflection on the artist’s place in contemporary society, especially in Latin America.


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