WALTER TOURNIER – Select Animated Films


Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2011, 6pm

Select animated films directed by Walter Tournier*

Uruguay 2000-2008 / 50 min. (approx.) / Spanish with English subtitles


NAVIDAD CARIBEÑA / CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS    2001 / 24 min. / English version / ANIMATION · Pablo Turcatti, Juan Andrés Fontán, Roberto González & Diego Mera · MUSIC Leonardo Croatto & Carlos da Silveira · EDITING Guillermo Casanova · SOUND Leonardo Barzelli & Daniel Yafalián

A PESAR DE TODO / IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING    2003 / 6 min. / ANIMATION Walter Tournier · MUSIC / SOUND Leonardo Croatto & Carlos da Silveira · EDITING Guillermo Casanova 


LOS DERECHOS DEL NIÑO / CHILDREN’S RIGHTS    2004 / 6 min. / 3 episodes: Qué nos oigan / Listen to UsQueremos al agua / Love the Water Cerca-Lejos / Close-Far away

AGUA / WATER   2008 / 12 min. / 4 episodes: La canilla perfecta / The Perfect FaucetBaño / Bathroom – Cocina / KitchenNivel / Level


*Walter Tournier (1944) is the most important figure in animated cinema from Uruguay. His films, made equally for children, adolescents and adults, are known for the natural way in which their stories—narrated with seemingly simple but masterfully crafted animation processes—are redefined with a deep sense of humanism, ironic and provocatively ingenious humor, and identifiable collective references. His techniques include hand-drawn animation, the use of metallic figures covered in different materials, and the occasional use of the computer for postproduction editing.

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