Thursday, Oct. 20th, 2011 (immediately following the short film Matrioshka at 7pm)  


DIRECTOR Gabriel Szollosy · PRODUCTION Anna Jancsó / Librecine

PHOTOGRAPHY Nyika Jancsó · EDITING Fernando Epstein · SOUND Pablo Benedetto · MUSIC Max Richter

Uruguay–Spain 2011 / Documentary / 80 min. / Spanish with English subtitles

Film website


This is the story of Horacio, the grandchild of a slave taken from Africa to Latin America long after the abolition of slavery. Horacio is a family man who works as a lighthouse keeper on a solitary island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Horacio was raised to serve. Some years ago a series of unexpected events changed his life forever. His first harrowing experience was surviving a horrific boat crash. He later joined Uruguay’s peacekeeping force and was sent to serve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country of his ancestors. The journey, which began as a means of economic progress, soon became a journey to his own past, to the roots of his family’s poverty and the commitment to serve. When Horacio returned to Uruguay, he was not the same man. His soul was imbued with terrible memories and questions about life itself.

Horacio is about to retire. He wants to return to the land where his story began. He wants to join the blue helmets in the Congo in order to raise money to start his own business. Will he be able to return for the last time to the land of his ancestors, to leave the past behind and start life anew?

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